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Helen Brusselers

Professional, powerful, clear and enthusiastic. Helen lived and worked abroad for many years. She has a lot of knowledge of different cultures, speaks 5 languages and has built a lot of experience in team-training and teambuilding in several branches. She likes to move around in groups to work towards specific goals in her own very involved and ambitious way. She has become an all-round trainer specialised in effectiveness, efficiency, leadership and communication skills. Helen strives for results within a safe and happy atmosphere.

+31 6 51 28 75 66
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Bernadette Deitmers

Energetic, involved. Bernadette challenges her environment and at the same time creates a atmosphere where you feel safe to explore new possibilities. This is the feedback customers give about Bernadette. Her approach is characterised by pragmatics and positivity. Based on her managerial experience, she knows how to perform under high pressure and to get the best out of your team. She understands the language within the legal, the healthcare and industrial profession. “Bernadette gets people moving.”

+31 6 15 06 17 72
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Judith Jacobs

Enthusiastic, engaged and knowledgeable. Judith has 30 years of experience in leadership, training and coaching with production companies, government, education and in business services in international and multicultural environments. Judith coaches on converting personal development to desired change in behaviour in the workplace. She stimulates thinking from the circle of influence. In doing so, she creates space and confidence for participants. Judith also supervises stalled communication processes as mediator.

+31 6 50 82 05 81
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Judith Poppeliers

Organizational success starts with successful employees! It is her passion to let people and teams flourish and function in an optimal way. This is what she did for the last 30 years in both Leadership within both HRM and Sales functions. In her bold, enthusiastic way she knows how to get people moving towards sustainable behavior change. Judith is a qualifeid TA and NLP coach. Out of her intrinsic interest and involvement, she motivates people to get the best out of themselves. She has a lot of experience within the Health branch, Consultancy and ICT branch.

+31 6 19990821
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Nicole Ostendorf

Personal development, attention to your unique self and awareness of the different phases of life you are going through ensure a continuous recalibration of your possibilities. From her years of work experience at various companies, Nicole has developed a broad view on work processes and team dynamics. Implementing new systems, optimizing work processes and maximizing job satisfaction are in good hands with Nicole. In addition to being a trainer, Nicole is a certified Stress Coach and Energetic Coach. She has gained her work experience in hospitality, work construction, professional sports, logistics and business services sectors.

+ 31 6 28227324
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Willem Slinger

For years, Willem has coached fieldhockey teams in the areas of cooperation, team spirit and performance. More recently he has been successful in applying these skills to the business environment.

His strength is to motivate and inspire with positive energy. His goals is to make a difference for every single participant and challenge them to go beyond their comfortzone. Within a short period Willem builds up a relation based on trust, so people dare to open up and take a step in outsmarting work and demonstrating Personal Leadership.

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