For Whom?

Are you in conflict with a supervisor, colleague or employee and do you want to come to an agreement in harmony? 

Mediation Content

Conflicts can arise, but are not always resolved. Often the cause lies in miscommunication or difference of understanding. We act as a mediator to bring parties that have a dispute to meet and to find a solution. The mediator challenges parties to look at the situation from a different perspective and to examine the role of himself and the other. When parties feel heard and able to formulate their wishes and needs positively and actively, a solution in which everyone can find themselves can be jointly sought.


The number of meetings and duration depends on the nature of the conflict and the number of parties. We keep close contact with the client and parties in general 3 to 4 meetings of approximately 2 hours to reach a fixing agreement. 

When Mediation?

The parties are of goodwill but have communication problems.
The parties are willing to talk to each other.
The parties want or must still have a good relationship after the conflict.