For Whom

You want to get to know yourself even better. Get more insights about the role you play in your team. You want to have better understanding of why certain colleagues or clients behave in a certain way. Why it is so easy cooperating with one person and so difficult with the other. How to make a succesfull & cooperating team.

Content of Smart Profiling

Every individual is unique and has its own preferences in thinking and doing, in taking decisisons and cooperating & communicating. A personal profile gives insights in these personal preferences. By having a better insight in oneself and colleagues teams can work together in a more harmonious way, we can be more productive, build stronger relations and lead and influence people more effectively. Smart Profiling is an indispensable link in ones personal development. Savvy is licenced for INSIGHTS DISCOVERY, DISC and LIFO. 

The Trajectory

Participants fill in a questionnaire to create a personal profile which will be completely focused on the individuals preferences, not their skills. depending on the choice of profile provider this profile can be basic or very expanded and detailed. Usually people get more out of their profiles, when making it part of a larger program for teambuilding, leadership development and/or coaching.