For Whom

You want to develop yourself in the field of leadership, communication or personal effectiveness. You have a clear development goal / wishand would like some personal attention to work on these topics. You would likek to reflect on your own behavior or on a work situation. There is a sense of urgency or you want/need quick results. In that case an individual trajectory with a personal coach will be the best aleternative for you.


Content of Coaching

The content of this coaching trajectory will be 100% aligned with your goals, possibly supplemented by your manager's goals.  Our coaches are good listeners, can reflect, 'mirror', and analyse the situation together with you. In this way you will be able to develop new insights and skills. It is possible that there is a direct reason for wanting coaching because something bothers/hinders you, but it is also very well possible to enter coaching without any direct cause, other than personal development by reflecting on your behavior, thinking and decision making...

The Coaching Trajectory

We advise, depending on the need, to plan 3-6 coaching sessions. These sessions take on average between 1,5 and 2 hours. It happens regularly that our clients feel the need to extend their trajectory by entering a routine of quarterly 'sounding board' / sparring sessions with their coach to keep their development ongoing.