Smart Communication Basic skills

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In the training Smart Communication you will learn about the basic skills of communication. We will discuss subjects like perception, listening skills, query techniques (asking the right questions), the Iceberg-Theory, non-verbal communication, communication styles, giving and receiving feedback and Leary's Rose you will enhance your communication skills in an active, practical and directly applicable way.

The interactive training consists of two half-day sessions and is often supplemented by personal coaching.

Influencing, dealing with conflict and feedback

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This training specifically aims at empowering people towards more professional means of communication. You learn how to professionaly change conflict into a constructive situation, you learn how to influence people in a natural way,   to convince, but also to be able to generate behavioral change in other people by giving feedback in a professional way.

This interactive and directly applicable ‘Power Training’ consist of 1 session. We use roleplay (with or without actors) to be able to directly practice the new skills.