Why Savvy?

An investment in the development of your employees is an investment in the growth and development of the company. Savvy believes in a practical approach. We provide tailor-made solutions for each participant by following-up our workshops with personal coaching.  This increases the applicability in everydays practice and also challenges participants to apply new behaviour directly. Because we divide the training trajectory in small steps over a few months, we guide the participants towards sustainable behavioral change.

Outsmart Work

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High workload, deadlines, a full agenda and a non-stop flow of e-mails.

You're dealing with lots of ad hoc that was initially not on your to do list.You're not able to finish what you had planned. Your inbox has become your manager and it feels like you have no control over your calendar. Don't feel bad. Many people share this feeling. We work hard, get distracted, do not set the right priorities or boundaries and therefor are not able to work effectively nor efficiently. This must change. The Outsmart Work training gives you the feeling to be 'back-in-control’, lowers the feeling of work pressure and makes you more effective and efficient. You simply get more done in less time and spend time on your core activities. 4-6 hours time savings per week!

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Smart Leadership

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Leadership is a broad concept. Savvy offers all variants in the Leadership Program. 

Do you want to work on your personal development, your skills, your goals, your qualities and talents? That's what we call Personal Leadership. 

Do you lead people within an operational setting? And would you like to learn the tricks of managing people? Then you want to develop your skills of Practical Leadership.

Are you active within a management team, looking to establish your own identity as a leader and seekings ways to increase your knowledge, skills and impact? We see that as Senior Leadership. 

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Smart Teams.


Sometimes we do not work as a well functioning, synergistic team.

That is often the case because as an individual we are busy enough dealing with ourselves as it is. We all run and go fast, but do we get far? Do teammembers know each other well enough to get maximum synergy? Is there a feeling of safety to be open, show vulnerability and give feedback? Can we use an accelerator by doing a refresahing team session? In every team we encounter certain crucial moments like a change of management or a reorganisation. How strong will the team be able to show itself? Or do we want to work together on our joint mission, vision and make some strategic choices together for the long term? Or as a team do you want to make steps to make better use of each other? Or decide on joint values? Savvy offers multiple possibilities to start your team building.

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Smart Profiling

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Do you (really) want to get to know yourself?

Or do you struggle with the question: Do I fit in this team, or does this colleague fit in our team? Are you dealing with misunderstanding, miscommunication, conflicts or people ignoring each other? The solution can be so easy. Every individual is unique and has it's own preferences in thinking and acting, in decision making and in collaborating. At Savvy we work with several licences of profile-providers such as INSIGHTS DISCOVERY, DISC and LIFO. These instruments offer in insight in personal preferences that are translated to colours. By providing more self-insight and insights in your peers preferences we can ccoperate more effectively and harmoniously in teams, we become more productive, build better relations lead and influence people. Smart Profiling is an indispensable link in your personal and team development.

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Smart Communication.

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Would you like to influence other people?

Do you want to learn how to convince and influence people? Or do you sometimes struggle with controlling your emotions causing communication to end in discussions, resistance or even conflict? Or do you just want to improve your communication skills? This can be arranged through our Smart Communication training.

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Our development is an ongoing process and fortunately we can keep on learning from experience.

Sometimes it feels better to do this growing together with a coach. Our coaches are good listeners, can analyze together with you, can hold up a mirror for you to have more insights that can help you create a clear view of the path you choose. It is possible that you have a direct cause for starting coaching or maybe you have certain issues. But it can also very well be that, without any direct cause, you just want to move ahead in your development in general or in certain specific areas.

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Smart Sales

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The ability to really 'see' the client and to be able to connect.

Sales is about the ability to take the client's perspective and see the real need, to build a good relationship and a network of potential new customers. Sales is about making a connection, not just about selling!

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Key Notes & Facilitators

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Savvy likes to share her specialist knowledge at special events and meetings.

Savvy always navigates in the wake of the latest research results and innovations in the fields of work, leadership, workload, efficiency and effectiveness, brain action, communication and other work-related topics. Our speakers can add colour to an event by inspiring and motivating the attendees in a good atmosphere. You can also hire us as a host to facilitate your event where we can add our specialist knowledge.

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A solution for all parties

Conflicts can arise, but are not always resolved. Often the cause of the problems lies in a disrupted collaboration, miscommunication or difference of understanding. An intervention by a Mediator of Savvy Training can help get to the solution.

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Train The Trainer

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Do you regularly instruct or train people and do you want to take a critical look at your effectiveness? Curious for more helpfull insights into training people? Than this training might fit your needs!

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Collaborations & licences.


Who are you? Why do you do the things you do? Insights goes inside you to discover your power. Insights also makes you see the power of others. Thus you can find the power of your team or organisation.


Personality analysis is an instrument that measures various characteristics of human behavior. It clearly and understandably maps the often complex reality of people and their behavior. DISC gives insight into why we do what we do.


The LIFO-method is approachable and a very powerful way of giving insights in behavioral preferences. You learn how to influence the other by aligning on the other person's preferred style.


Work on vitality. Stimulate a healthy lifestyle. A health-query can map the vitality of your organisation and makes employees aware of their lifestyle. Website Smartvitaal