Why Outsmart Work?

High workload, deadlines, a full agenda and a non-stop flow of e-mails. You're dealing with lots of ad hoc work that was initially not on your to-do list.You're not able to finish what you had planned. Your inbox has become your manager and it feels like you have no control over your calendar. Don't feel bad. Many people share this feeling. We work hard, get distracted, do not set the right priorities or boundaries and therefor are not able to work effectively nor efficiently. This must change. The Outsmart Work training gives you the feeling to be 'back-in-control’, lowers the feeling of work pressure and makes you more effective and efficient. You simply get more done in less time and spend time on your core activities. 4-6 hours time savings per week!

For Whom?

Sometimes you feel like the crazy busy working day is taking over. Your head is never empty. Your days never go as planned leading to procrastinating things you should have done. You sometimes experience that your workload leads to feelings of stress. You would like practical tips & tricks to take charge of your work, your planning without delaying things. You would like more focus during the workday, set better priorities and make a realistic planing.

Content of The Training

During the training you will learn how to take charge and put yourself behind the steering wheel. With a more proactive work attitude, a clear working method like an empty inbox, you will be able to create more structure and overview of all your devices and tools. We will integrate your Outlook mail, OneNote, Filing structure, tasklist and agenda. We will develop your skills for working according to plan.  We will enable you to experience what multitasking does to your brain. We will help you raise your output. We will also focus on you as a person. What are your characteristics that keep you so busy? What are your downfalls? What specific behavioural change could lead to more effectiveness? Break patterns, feel less work pressure and experience greater happiness in your work!

The Trajectory

Because we work on sustainable behavioural change, the different training moments are planned a minimum of 3 weeks apart.  In that way you can develop new behaviour and experience the benefits.  In the morning we facilitate interactive training in groups and after lunch personal coaching sessions will take place at the desk to support the implementation of changes in your working system. This way we can make sure the training is personalised for everyone. The full trajectory Outsmart Work contains 2-3 training days including coaching at the desk and a minimum of 1 hour of personal coaching.